STEP Registration for Winter/Spring 2018
Options for registration: 1) Rejoin us after a fall break (or join for the first time) if you have a private teacher; 2) put yourself on our waitlist, if you have no private teacher; 3) sign up for Music With Your Baby or Transitions (no private teacher required); 4) add a class to your fall registration.
1) Joining the STEP Community for Winter 2018

If you ALREADY have a private teacher from our faculty and no one in your family took any group classes in Fall 2017, please register here:
2) Want to begin violin or cello instruction for your child with STEP?

We are currently taking names for a waitlist to start lessons with private teachers in violin and cello. Students age 3 and up accepted. Ongoing private instruction must be arranged before starting group classes. Add yourself to our wait list here:
3) "Music With Your Baby" (age 0-2.5) and "Transitions" (age 2.5-3.5)

Group classes take place on most Saturday mornings at MUN School of Music, from 9:45-10:30 and 9:00-9:45 respectively. There are 8 "Transitions" classes and 16 "Baby" classes from April to June. Register at this link:
4) Adding a class

If your family registered in Fall 2017 for any group or class with STEP, add NEW classes below, for current students or new siblings. Consult the Group Class Schedule for times, teachers and classrooms. Press SUBMIT at the very bottom of the page to send us your selections.
Child's name *

Child's birthdate *

Child's private teacher *

Fiddle Class

Prerequisites are approximate: consult your private teacher for placement.

Orchestral group

The orchestral groups meet weekly, outside of STEP group class days, and do not require Saturday group-class participation. They require recommendation from your private teacher.
YES Orchestra: mid-Book 2 and up
Young Virtuosi: Book 6 and up
Young Virtuosi Initiates: Book 4 and up


Musicianship classes are based on age and assessed musical knowledge. Consult your private teacher for placement.

Core Group Class

Joining a core group class (for new siblings, or those already in an orchestral or fiddle group). Consult your private teacher for placement.

Thanks for completing our online registration form.

Your total fees will be calculated and sent to you via invoice by the STEP Administrator. If after completing this form, you wish to alter your registration, please contact us at Payment can be made via e-transfer to; credit card via Square, cheque, or cash in person; or PayPal to (Please add 3% processing fee for PayPal or Square.) BE SURE TO HIT "SUBMIT" BELOW TO FINALIZE YOUR REGISTRATION
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